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        It's not an Intelligent Business, if you Aren't using Business Intelligence

        Business Intelligence and EDW
        A well-executed BI is the shortest distance from boardroom-strategies to on-field tactics. As data comes in from the production floor, research reports etc., we help you, re-route that data through your BI system so that you get actionable insights aligned with your business outcomes.
        What's your industry?
        We can tailor BI dashboards based on an understanding of your business requirements
        This is how Spar's BI Practice Helps Your Business Succeed
        Business Intelligence and EDW
        Information to Insights
        Business Intelligence and EDW
        Increases Customer Loyalty
        Business Intelligence and EDW
        Target right customer profiles
        Business Intelligence and EDW
        Increases Customer Retention
        Business Intelligence and EDW
        Eliminates Time / Money Waste
        Business Intelligence and EDW
        Positive Bottom line Impact
        Spar's Key EDW service offerings include:
        Business Intelligence and EDW
        Data cleaning
        Business Intelligence and EDW
        Format consolidation
        Business Intelligence and EDW
        Business and technical validations
        Business Intelligence and EDW
        Business Intelligence and EDW
        Extension with aggregated and custom calculated fields
        Business Intelligence and EDW
        DWH platform selection
        Business Intelligence and EDW
        Business/reporting needs assessment
        Business Intelligence and EDW
        Planning, implementing and designing ETL processes
        Big Data, Real Time Analytics, Predictive Analytics and other current technologies need to be integrated with traditional analytic or planning applications and reporting solutions to generate insights and to enable fast ,accurate decision making. Governance models that pro-actively support an EDW of two speeds complement the strategy and allow for both, failure- proof operations for key business processes and, highly agile and responsive analytics where needed.
        Spar's BI Practice Enabled a Large Telecom Company to Increase Wallet Share
        Business Intelligence and EDW
        Customer, Address and Service Data is sourced from different systems (LOB's) to the centralized EDW - Data then extracted to perform the Name, Address match to unify the customer in different systems - Customer's name is then mapped across services - Address mapping is then done across service availability - Depending on the services the customer already has, he is mapped for a cross sell or upsell
        ABOUT SPAR
        SPAR is a people's company at the core. We believe in the power of human relationships. We constantly engage and encourage our people to have a bias for delivering business outcomes that result in customer delight.
        Contact Us

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